Best Left Unspoken
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2004-04-18 23:00:24 (UTC)

Scary Story Part 13 (the end)

"Brittaney was still looking at Tiffany's body when she
saw the knife sticking out of Tiffany's stomach. It made
Brittaney want to vomit. This deranged killer had used one
of her best friends like a pin cushion. But Brittaney
walked slowly to her friend's body and pulled the knife
out of her. Jennifer had still been wondering down to the
other end of the barn when she got to the back door. It
was chained and locked with a rusty lock. It was a trap
for a desperate escape. She turned around because she
heard something. Someone was behind Jennifer. There was
the killer standing there, smiling. Jennifer tried to
scream but only got out a little groan. So she tried to
scream again as the killer took another step towards her.
This time she sceamed louder than she ever had before. It
was a scream of pure terror. Brittaney dropped her match
and it went out. She was running toward the end of the
barn. Brittaney and Seth made it to scene at about the
same time. They almost ran into each other. 'What are we
gonna do?' Seth asked Brittaney. Jennifer was backed into
a corner with the killer moving in on her. Brittaney ran
and jumped on the killer's back and stabbed him repeatedly
until he fell. The three of them left the barn, the
property, and ran down the road all the way home,"
Brittaney finished. She looked down at Jennifer's blood
stained body. It was almost as if none of it really
Everyone else in the room applauded as they heard sirens
coming from down the road.
"Now it's really all over. Now we can go home. And
hopefully forget about all of this," Steven said with
"I don't think we will ever be able to forget any of
this," Tiffany said.
The door was still locked and the police had to knock it
down. There were three police cars and an ambulance
waiting for all of them outside.
"Where's the killer?" One of the police officers asked the
group of teenagers.
"She's dead," Steven answered him as everyone tensed up
with the thought of that night's events.
The police searched the house just in case. You truly
never know. While everyone else waited outside as one of
the police officers checked them and asked them questions.
The EMS got a page on their walky talkies and ran in. They
came out with someone on the stretcher.
"We gotta live one," One of the EMS said. Everyone looked
to see who was on the stretcher hoping for something good
to happen. It was Jennifer. "The killer missed all of the
vital organs, but she lost a massive amount of blood."
"Will she make it?" Brittaney asked the EMS in the front
of the stretcher.
"It looks pretty good for her," said a good looking
brunnette man.
Ethan got out of the back of the first police cruiser and
everyone ran to thank him. To congratulate him. To
practically worship. He did save their lives.
"Did Sara make it?" Ethan looked at them, searching for
"No, but she saved the rest of us. She was a great
friend," Steven almost smiled.
So ends this teenage group's adventure.