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2004-04-18 22:48:24 (UTC)


Oh, man.
This weekend has been, wonderful or horrid. No inbetweens.
First I went to a party for West Side, and it was a blast,
but then I slept over at Katherine's and forgot to turn on
my phone. so my dad had no clue where I was. So I was in a
lot of shit for that. he called 24 times, and left 5 bery
angry messages.
Then I went to Eau Claire on Saturday w/Katherine and
Alexandra. THat was fun, and I got to see Matt. But
afterward, I didn't feel well, from exhastion and
dehydration. We went to Cold Stone though, and that was
awesome, I have never had it before, it is so on the agenda
for day after prom now!I went to bed at 9, cause I wasn't
sure if I should ask to go to Charlie's party, and I was so
tired from my no sleep Easter weekend and little sleep this
So I got lots of sleep, didn't go to church, but I'm
watchin' the Africa DVDs, that should make up for it a
little. I worked on my dress a little today, that was cool.
Carol is going to make me an appointment with her stylist
for prom. I have a paper I need to write and print a rough
draft for by tomorrow.
Dad is going with me to look at Hotels to have Holly and
I's graduation party at on Tuesday. I got a letter from
Iowa telling me to make reservations for my orientation in
June. I am going to start making invitations for my grad.
party. Dad and I are gonna start addressing Graduation
announcements. I'm looking at computers for school next
year. Dad wants to discuss us buying another car together,
since I probably won't be able to park anywhere at school
anyway, and the car would stay here. It would work like
Matt's situation. I would be driven between here and school
and the car would be mine when I'm home.
My tax return should be here in a few weeks, and I can use
it to pay my bills. Plus, I guess I should try and get some
money out of Matt. Ugh, that makes me feel like such a
bitch. I do need to try and get a limo for prom, and make
reservations for Four Paws.
No one is online for me to talk to, so i guess i'll go
explore the Iowa State site a little more, then I'm off. I
want to get to bed early tonight so that I can talk to Matt
late tonight and still get up for school in the morning.
See ya

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