The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-04-18 22:33:08 (UTC)

Drunk again...!

Heylo! Last nite was a good nite! Emma n Leesha n i went 2
the pub n got pished n started talkin 2 sum guys with a
nice arse n another one who we played pool at..n we won!
woO! he was playin with only one hand! amazin! lol..then we
went n met jonny coz he jus finished work..n went up 2
Blakkies for a wee while again! twas a good laugh n i wasnt
as drunk as i was on Friday! I prefered Friday tho but hey!
then we came 2 ma hoose n chilled n stayed over!

2day i just went 2 ma dads n chilled about n stuff! was quite shattered jus fuck knos why am
still online but hey! :-)...Cant believe the holidays are
now finished :-(! ach wells! - x adios x -