worse than teenage poetry
2004-04-18 22:03:13 (UTC)

You Know What Else I Hate?

People that think they have it so much harder than
everyone else. That have to make you feel bad for having a
better life. That make you feel bad for caring about your
problems. Okay, I know some people have bigger problems
than others, but it all depends on the situation. Just
because one problems is smaller than the other, doesn't
mean it is not just as important to the person
experiencing it.

Hi, I hate it when I realize how the same everyone is.
I hate that feeling, but it's there. Everyone wants to be
different, but no one ever is. Even problem wise. Everyone
has their problems, and there is no use critizing others
problems just because they are smaller than yours. And I
know I have been a crispy hippo about this :(.

But seriously, some people are like "Oh god, this that
this that". "Your problems are never like mine, you would
never understand...". And there is someone out there with
bigger problems than them. It's time to get over it and
accept that you are exactly te same as everyone else. No,
there are no complete opposites. Maybe lives are different
in some ways, but never are there complete opposites.
Believe me, put the kid with druggie parents and the rich
kid togther, there will be similarities. The same problems
with parents, maybe just vary in some ways.

And I can always help because I have empathy. And I
have unblievable compassion for people. Why? Because I
think people should be treated fairly. No one is that much
better than someone to ruin their lives. I have this
compassion because I know I'm live everyone else. And once
you put yourself into the other persons shoes, you don't
want to feel like them.

God, I hate the world.

And I hate this goddamned teenage angst. This has all be
teenage angst provided to you by Sasha. Feel free to run.