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2004-04-18 21:24:44 (UTC)

Usual Saturday

Trips to Corvallis and Albany for shopping and errands were
on schedule for today. I bought a fabric pincushion in the
shape of an apple at the Folk Club and didn't find anything
else I wanted. Nothing at the Corvallis Goodwill either. We
picked up our books at the libary and as I was finished much
earlier than John, I sat in a chair in the lobby and
alternated watching the clouds through the skylight and
people walking about.

In Albany we did some grocery shopping at Fred Meyer's, went
to the bread thrift store, had lunch and finished up with
Costco shopping and a quick stop at the Albany Goodwilll
where I found a fabric covered blank book. I have a stack
of these and intend to recover them to suit myself at some
point. John found some electric/techno stuff--I didn't ask
what these odd things were exactly--but he seemed pleased
with his finds. We were home well before 3 p.m. and as John
and I were both up very early this morning we quickly put
all the food away and then took naps. That meant a late

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