How long will my life last? hmmm.....
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2004-04-18 20:08:38 (UTC)

Rachels BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

I was freakin awsome man. We taped crepe paper everywhere
and had soda and chips ready. then we turned out the
lights so it was pitch black and no one could see nething,
so rachel and meredeth came down the stairs, right? and
kelsie turned on the lights and we were all like
surprise!!!(we should have had silly string) and rachel
was laughing so hard, she almost started crying. It was
great. so, then we talked for a while about what she got
for her bday. 2 things she got were some chucks and
another was a belt seat buckle!!!! Its great! Neways, then
we watched sleeping beauty and pointed out all the sexual
references in it. all the while we were eating chocolate.
Yummmmmmmmyyyyy. Then, mere said something about how if
you eat chocolate, that means your horny, so we all
started cracking up and screaming were horny. Then came
the part in the movie where prince phillip stabs the
dragon thing and she starts bleeding. I mad a crack about
how he just penetrated her and she started bleeding. SHE
WAS A VIRGIN!!! lol good times, good times. Thats pretty
much it. We also saw in alladin (or heard actually) the
take off your clothes part and in lion king tried to find
the sex part. we couldnt find it in the bunch of flowery
things. we were too high on chocolate. It was great. we
moshed the pinata we made out of newspaper and duct tape.
It ripped open and we all went crazy. meredeth started
putting it all down her shirt. i swear, that girl has an
interesting head. one minute, she is all quiet, the next,
you cant even hear yourself think! Crazy Kids!!! well,
thats all for now, im sure rachel will fill you in on
everything else!