How would you ever guess.
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2004-04-18 18:01:52 (UTC)


Im not all in the best of moods right now.
Ive decided that I give up. On everything. Heath has gotten
me to the point of total frustration. I dont even know with
him. He told Stacey that he was going to call me... i wont
hold my breath.

I have called Kim ever since I got home and we have still
not gotten together. I told her to call me yesterday when
she was done with her brakes... she didnt call so I called
her to see if she wanted to come see me and she told me she
would be right over... I should have known that she wasnt
going to come. I guess she "had" to go to Kenns. I see
where I fall now. She thinks that Stacey is my new best
friend... no Kim is my best friend.. Stacey just likes to
hang out with me. We have fun together and she doesnt blow
me off.

Oh well Im going for a bike ride...
later kids