The twisted thoughts of me
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2004-04-18 16:31:58 (UTC)

Last day of springbreak.....

well i think it was pretty good break even though i only
saw mandi like 3 times...owell..this summer will be full of
mandi and sam!!!!yippie..neways back to break. this what

Thurs:got home from school,went skateboarding wit sam till
10:30,went home and watched grind,then went to bed.

Fri:Went wit sam to besse's house.downloaded music wit
sam.then went skateboarding again.then went home around
11.went to bed

Sat:Went online around 7am, then met sam at the bridge and
went skatboarding till ready and went to meet mandi
at the roller home at 11:55(ilooked at a clock
when i got home)then i had a pixie stick and i diet
coke...and watched grind.then went to bed.

Sun:Easter..yippieskippie..not...riana woke me up at like
seven which is when i wake up neways. then made me look all
around the house for candy. then got ready and went my
grandmas house.Got home around 8 and watched grind.

Mon: Went to return things from xmas wit mandi!!! this was
the highlight of the week..well the mandi part at least.
got yelled at for trying to buy 30$ tanktops...mandi and i
bought simcity3000...went home and played simcity3000.went
to bed after watching grind.

tue:Went to my grandmas around 8, wanted to get these bang
thingies so i asked my grandma to cut this part of my
hair...but no she cuts like 5inches off......i cried for
like took me over a year to grow it out and took
her not even a half an hour to chop it all off. neways then
went to the mall.saw lots of hot guys too.

Wed:Went skateboarding wit sam and zack...then went to the
mall wit sam till 5:30 then sam and i babysat riana while
my parents went to some game or party i dont know..neways
sam spent the night...we watched grind and went
online...and ahhh went to bed....oh and we mad a list of
people we want to bang.

Thurs:Sam and i babysat riana while my dad went to work and
my mom went to helpo my dad. watched the hot cary
elwes....autumn came over to spend the night...watched
grind and lave the last dance wit autumn.

Fri:went to my moms friends house for awhile,then came home
cc picked up autumn. then we rented a movie.oh then i got
into a big fight wit my mom and made her cry. i felt pretty
bad bout that.

Sat:well after the fight the night before my dad thought my
mom and i neede som bonding time so he watched riana and
let us go shopping,he even gave us money.So i got a dress
for the end of the school year.i got some other stuff and
saw my counsins too!Got back and rented a movie and went to

Sun:Went to the park wit the fam. saw hott guys!!!played a
litle v-ball(volleyball for all u stupid ppl)wit my
dad.then went home and thats where i am now...well over all
it was good. I cant wait to get out of scchool qnd even
better get my guitar...well i g2g byebye