my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2004-04-18 04:22:10 (UTC)

newer entry. my b-day is soon..

yea so my bday is wednesday and i had a "party" friday. it
was so cheesy to me lol. well no it was fun. but no one
came :( which isnt surprising i know barely anyone. i am
mad that josiah didnt come, he said he and stef got lost
but his cousin lives like 3 blocks away. and he found my
house by himself like 2 weeks ago, cuz he was just driving
around, bored. *sigh* casey called tho that was cool
talking to him. but "i was being rude" (thanks steph...)
so. lol. ne way... i bought the wrong moulin rouge
soundtrack:( too bad. wel im gonna jet its late and we
gotta get up early. night ciaoo

p.s. we shopped:) it was great ahh...

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