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2004-04-18 02:00:52 (UTC)

Saturday, April 17th, 2004

Life is still so great for me! I have been thinking about
Bethany all day! I can't concentrate on anything. Just
thinking about her makes me wanna smile. I haven't talked
to her yet today,actually i did just now while i was
typing this but she had to go :( hopefully she will get my
email. I think shes beginning to realize how much i like
her, and I actually think I have realized that I have
found the right girl for me. I told her in my email to
give me her number so I can call her and we can talk...and
i am going to call her...whether i think i can do it or
not. I want to take advantage of every opportunity i have
to get to know that amazing girl. I am still question
whether or not we are going to get together tomorrow, I
have this feeling she is going to be too busy, and its
going to rain so I can't go biking anywhere. Not that I
would't do anything for her, cuz i would. One thing I
know about Bethany so far is that she wouldnt say
something unless she meant it, so im hoping she is still
considering meeting me tomorrow. If we do meet, I expect
my entry in here tomorrow will be much longer. I hope
that it happens, i pray that it happens. I am starting to
think about what I'm going to tell my parents, not that
they wouldn't be happy for me, but i don't wanna make a
big deal out of it, to them anyways. I may even just make
up an excuse when I go and meet her. I am thinking I will
buy her a little gift, like chocolates or flowers, but im
not sure. I hope that tomorrow will be awesome! I can't
wait! It's amazing how I found someone in this world that
I feel perfect about, Bethany Linkar :)

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