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2004-04-18 00:02:08 (UTC)

April 17 6:51 PM

today me and my dad went to the cardinals game but
he gave the ticket to me as a surprise and i was mad
cause i was planning on going shopping with jillienne
and i didn't really like baseball but when we got there i
ate lots of crap sugar food and then got overheated so
we had to leave early. I AM A BAKED POTATO! i am so
so red! but hey the cardinals won! wa-hoo! ohh and the
bristol bravos sang the national anthem it was cute!
and these REALLY hott guys with no shirts on sat next
to us! *drool! haha! but yea now i'm at my moms cause
her 2 best friends are leaving and so she is having a
party for them right now! me and addrienne spray-
painted this white sheet as a really big miss you card
it's pretty cool.... but yea rachel is sleeping right now
and it's like only 7 oclock!!! cause she went to that lock-
in last night and didn't call me!!!!! i spend most of the
night with her but my dad picked me up a lil early and
then rachel just goes to the lock-in without me!!!! i'm
kinda mad but when she calls me back everything will
prolly be okay dokay as always! see you then

My mood: left out :-(