Goodnight, Starlight.

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2004-04-17 20:33:54 (UTC)

Boring Day?

Bah, Today has been so boring. I woke up, got on the comp,
got off the comp, watched Boy Meets World (i may add,
greatest show). So i did that, got back on the comp..Thats
really all my day was. And being home alone, which is the
best thing. Freedom. Freedom rocks.
Gonna go get my nails done soon though. One good thing
comming out of my day. Gahh it sucks. But im excited. YAY!
Schools the same. Sucky. Yet awesome. I love school...but i
hate school. Not doing well in math at all...Meh, llow it.
Hehe. Well im off..Going to get my nails done. Write ya