My same boring ol' stuff...
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2004-04-17 15:28:52 (UTC)

Why do things have to be this way?

Why?? Thats all i can say! I have nothing else to say...
feel... anything... all i can think about is how i screwed
up... how i have nothing! I have nothing and no one... all
because of why?? I screwed up!! thats what i seem to do
best... and now i am nothing... just a plain out fucking
screw up!! So yeah...! Im out... nothing to say!
peace-- Jessica

P.S. For all of you to take note of... the final goodbyes
are always the worst. I thought it would last forever...
but i guess forever ends at 8 months... 1 week... and 1
day! Wow forever isnt too long... and definately not till
the end of time like we always said! Im 15 and now "our
forever" is over...! I feel like giving up! I have nothing
else to do but give up...!

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