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2004-04-17 15:28:47 (UTC)

My Favourite...

Thought I would fill this is. Okay Okay, I pinched it off
someone else's diary, but I love filling these things in!

***Last bed you were in that wasn't yours?
My friends, i stayed the night and she has a kingsized
**What are you doing right now?
Chattin to Mark and Listening to Britney Spears, while
magically taking off my nail polish at the same time!
*What are you thinking about?
Just the answers to these questions at the mo. Last
thing I thought was is there a zombie behind that door.
I'm frightened to easily!
**Who are you talking to?
***What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?
W, don't ask me why
**Do you have a crush?
Not really
*Do you love him/her?
I don't love anyone at the mo.
**Have you ever slapped someone?
Yeh Karoline :s It was supposed to be a jokey, then she
did it back, then I did it back harder, then she did it
back harder to me (quite hard) so I whacked her one. I
felt SOOOOO bad! Oh and Maroria (playfully), he sed when
I played footie I was a Combined Harvester!
***How hard?
Karoline's was hard. Maroria was only hard enuf to hear
the slap noise!
**What language do monkeys think in?
The same they speak in.
*Do you have an obsession?
Just being on MSN allll the time! Reading diaries is my
latest obsession. I WILL find Mark's diary! If anyone
stumbles accross it, not many Marks go out with Tasia's!
**The last time someone complimented you?
Um, not too sure. All the old ppl, about my hair when
it was partially braided. I love the old ppl.
***Who needs to smile more often?
Not too sure, most people I know smile all the time!
**Wierdest phone call?
From a guy, who I was friends with for a yr only, like
when I was 11. But then he moved to Newcastle. And he
foned me last yr, out of the blue. It was very weird!
*Best childhood memory?
Just going to my gran and grandad!
**Worst chilhood memory?
Being called a nigger and a paki ont he bus,
coincidently by the same guy that I got the weirdest call
***What did you order when you last went out?
It was this chicken in red sauce. Chinese (yummmy!)
**First kiss?
Colin, he's a fucker
*What school would you rather go to?
I like mine, wish it was a tad mroe exciting tho. And
more subject options, we only have the boring ones!
**What primary did you attend?
Kinellar Primary
***Who was your best friends?
at the time, Cheryl, Pamela, Ryan and Rhiannon.

A B O U T T H O S E "F R I E N D S" . . .
::Who is your best friend?
Chloe (and miki sumtimes)
::Who do you get along the best with?
::Who is the toughest?
I think Chloe is pretty tough she has to put up with a
lot of shit from ppl. Usually for no reason.
::Who is the blondest?
Sarah Allard
::Who is the wierd one?
I think I am the weirdest, everyone else is normal
compared to me!
::Who has the attitude problem?
Leanne Coulter, she is 2-faced
::Who is the funnest?
Aileen! (Mark sumtimes)
::Who is the dullest?
ppl like kayleigh (but I like her) so not her really,
leanne again I guess!
::Who is the loudest?
::Who is the shyest?
Pamela McNaughton or Pam Dawson
::Who is the most out-going?
::Who can you trust the most?
::Who can you trust the least?
Chloe (yeh ma best bud, lol)
::Which do you know the best?
Ummm, Chloe I suppose. I knwo quite a bit bout most
ppl, i hav ppl sussed and they trust me. Or so I like to
::Who is the smartest?
::Who is the dumbest?
I thoght thsi came under blondest?
::Who do you see the most?
::Who is the tallest?
Chloe I think
::Who is the shortest?
Laura McHugh, or Aileen or Gillian S
::Who is the oldest?
Aileen, or Mark. I cant be bothered working it out.
Think tis mark by a month.
::Who is the youngest?
Pamela McNaughton
::Who do you talk to online the most?
H A V E Y O U E V E R . . .
::Pictured your crush/bf/gf naked?
Yeh, all the time, Im pathetic!
::Actually seen them naked?
Ummmm, no. I just sed love.
::Been in love?
::Cried when someone died?
::Drank alcohol?
Unfortunately yes (i'm on a ban)

W H O . . .
::Makes you laugh the most?
Mark or Aileen
::Makes you smile?
::Has a crush on you?
No one :-( Last person was Fergus
::Is easier to talk to?
::Boys or girls?
eh? im no leso? does it mean it like that?

H A V E Y O U / / A R E Y O U / / D O Y O U . . .
I have b4 ye!
::Could live computerless?
More liek I couldn't live without the internet!
::Favorite food?
far too many to mention, chinese and indian wud be high
up tho.
::Favorite fruit?
Kiwi's, oranges, i liek cherry and cherry-flavoured
::What hurts more, physical or emotional pain?
emotional. Ppl know how to fix physical.
::Trust others too easily?
yeh, ive learned from my mistakes tho

D R U G S A N D A L C O H O L . . .
::Have you smoked cigarettes?
::Have you drank alcohol?
::Have you done any type of drug?
::Have you smoked more than 5 cigs in one day?
::Have you ever been drunk?
Lol, ur kidding rite? Im NOTORIOUS!
::Have you ever been stoned?
::Have you ever been caught by an under cover cop?
Not yet, but I make it my aim!
::What is your brand of cigarettes?
I dnt smoke
::What is your favorite kind of alcohol?
strong. Nah I love blue wkd, its liek a melted slush
::How old were you when you had your first cig?
::How old were you when you first drank?
ummm, 14

W H O W A S T H E F I R S T . . .
::First serious relationship?
Wen I have a sserious one, iLL TELL YA!
::First person you smoked with?
Umm, a random outside. I was drunk at the time
::First person you drank with?
liek properly, with Mikaella I think
::First person you flashed/mooned?
Umm, well I got dared to. And it was this girl in my
year, well not her but her younger sister. But her sister
must have told her, cos she hates me! Lol. It was funny,c
os they like wlaked past covering there eyes!
::First person you had sex with?
Not yet, got close to it,. But he was a fucker
::First person you fell in love with?
umm Woody I think, from Cadets. Or Greig

H A V E Y O U / / A R E Y O U / / D O Y O U . . .
::Considered a life of crime?
Well I thot of robbing Bill Gates once!
::Considered being a hooker?
I wondered what it woudl be liked. Never thought of
actually doing it!
::Considered being a pimp?
Me and my bitches? No
Dnt think so
Yeh, all the time
Yeh, have been. onyl for liek rnaodm days. no longer
than a week
No, cos I always thot that I wouldn't know how people
reacted to it. WHich would interest me, I mean who wud
cry the most?
I am
Not @ the mo
Yes, but umay also get scared of me
I think too much, unfortunately not about nething that
will get me sumwhere in life. so no
can be.
I liek to think not
I like to think so, but I need ppl too
No, i give up or get bored 2 easily
me? Well my room isn't, but like I set out daily
plans. so i am mentally, I think
up to the ge of 12 i was, but hten it faltered!
::Emotionally stable?
Yeh, but i'm at the top of a mountain of friends. See
if anyoen wud leave I would topple over!
me? no. I'm dangerous that way
Im difficult to crack, ppl dnt really understand me.
Only when I'm drunk. U know, clothes haning of me, I
look like Im gonna be sick. Yes, a state!
::Bored easily?
Yeh, but then agen I get amused by the smallest things
I can be, I think I am.

L O V E L I F E E T C E T E R A . . .
::Do you plan on having kids?
Yes, 5¬!
::Do you want to get married?
Yeh, the sooner the better. I dnt want to play around,
i need a sense of security.
::How old do you want to be when you have your first kid?
Early 20's
::How old do you want to be when you get married?
early 20's
::Would you consider having kids pre-marriage?
::Do you have a bf/gf?
No, do we have to keep rubbing this in?

E I T H E R / / O R . . .
Um, TV I think, music sumtimes
Summer, and autumn (its pretty)
Hanging (r they both not kinda the same?)

R A N D O M . . . . . . . .
::Last time you cried, why?
When my dad went on and on at me about revision,. I went
to my room to cry, I felt like shit that day already!
::What's something you don't get about guys/girls?
Not sure. I have everyone sused, dnt look into my eyes.
::What's an object you couldn't live without?
The modem or my phone
::Love or lust?
Love, lust hurts more
::Silver or gold?
::Diamond or pearl?
pearl mostly, diamond cud be jst a shard of glass.
::Sunset, or sunrise?
::Ever gone skinny dipping?
not since i was like 1, u know on the beach, on
holidays. Oh perlease, I cant have been the only one.
::Do you have any piercings?
::How many?
::Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
Yeh, its like a friggin zoo in my bed. they all have
names, and I actually love them all
::What color underpants do you have on?
boring white ones
::What song are you listening to?
Everytime- britney spears
::What are the last 4 digits of your phone number?
::Who would you spend the rest of your life with?
no one in particular
::What makes you happy?
being at SDA camps. I culd live there. I feel safe,
happy, hopeful, free (yeh u get the idea!)
::Contacts or glasses?
Um, well I wear none. dnt care wat other ppl wear
::Best advice ever given to you?
Live everyday to the full. I know u hear it all the
time. But it's tru, its the onyl way to be happy, rather
than to save up for a time that may never come.
::Ever won any awards?
yeh, dancing exams, at primary school, on holiday in fun
clubs as a kid. so on!
::What are your future goals?
To settle down with my perfect guy and our kids. In a
nice village, thats when ill be happy
::On the phone, or in person?
::Hugs or kisees?
Both!! huggin friends, kissin guys
::Song that means the most ot you?
Lady Marmalade, Dancing in the Moonlight, My Sacrifice,
Jump and Shout to the Lord
::Who would you leave all your possestions to?
the "needy"
::Do you have any enemies?
I have ppl that hate me. But I dnt hate them.
::What is your greatest fear?
being trapped in the dark a lone, with dead bodies.
::Would you rather be rich or famous?
Rich I suppose. Id rather just have a little than enuf
money, not neessarily loaded.
::Have you ever been in love?
Has this not already bin asked?
::When is the last time you shared your feelings with
someone you trust?
Mark, but it must have been ages ago. Or a random when
I was drunk. hehe. I'm on a ban honestly.

Right, That was rather amusing to fill in, Im off to bed!
::Do you have any pets?
Yes. jack(dog) tabby n tessie(cats) and Ellie(kitten)