My Gay Misadventures
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2004-04-17 14:43:50 (UTC)

Whoa Nelly.

Well Goddamn Son'Bitch. Even i have to admit my last long
ass entry was just sad. Being in Love sure can fuck wit'ch
ya. Anyway, now that, that whole ordeal is over, im back to
being me. Lets see...seeing how not even I wish to read
that fuckin novel of an entry i made, im not sure what has
happened since...But the gist; Matt went bi-polar on my
ass, kicked it, then me out. I lost my job at West, but i
still go to school. My car is now out of the Shop, but now
i need to learn to use it. Oh, and it seems everyone from
my fuckin past is showing up again...Paul, Mike, Pony,
Yoseph...weird...After me and Monkey-Maddness-Matias
departed, we both hit rock bottom. I become a loser once
again, and he now drinks more, does more drugs, prolly
fucks around a lot again, and lost his job at his "Day
care" ...cant say I feel much pity for him...Not after what
he did to me...Sadly, my bitch ass does still somewhat love
him, For now at least. Even though Iv rebounded with more
then enough one night stands since, I still miss him...Bah.
Fuck em....

My phone book is now piled with tricks (well, most are in
their 30s) who want me to shag em...Im not sure i want to
revert back to my old ways of promiscuality (fuck spelling,
and everyone who fuckin looks at that word funny) Im not
like Matt...but i feel like im doing it in Spite...even
though he couldnt give a rats ass about what i do.
Whatever...I know he's ganna get a serious STD sooner or
later................Why the fuck am I still talking about
him...(Pimp-slaps himself)

...I wonder if i should mention I have 2 new friends...Amos
and Kristin...even though ever since i moved, both have
neglected to hang out with me, due to my distance...Well, I
say Fuck em too. Fuck everyone. 'Specially ducks...

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