in silent existance
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2004-04-17 03:03:21 (UTC)

well hmm this is aquard

well i have lots of things i want 2 put in here but its
gonna be hard since i can't use names ok i wil use numbers
oh i'm so good lol. here goes . . . friend 1 is a back
stabbin whore who welll pisses me off but w/e i'll get over
it. grrr i will never ever tell ne one what i think of ne
one ever again if thats how things r gonna end up. ok
friend #2 is so obsessed w/ her bf its like geez get ur
head outta his butt so i can tell that the 2 of u r 2
seperate ppl. but ok yea i don't care ne more no sir not me
lol. ummm lets c the new stuff well as it has become the
norm i talked 2 warren for a wile 2 day *talkin 2 him right
now lol* iono he's just a pretty kool person and its how 2
put this been a nice experience getting 2 kno him even if
he does insist that i am a commie hippie but hey 2 each
thier own lol but i will teach him how 2 call ppl heh i
kno i'm bad but hey its all good umm the game plan 4 this
weekend is hangout at home or with a friend who wants 2 and
practice for my tryout on wednesday
umm oh yea i finally started getting music from third eye
blind so vey happy bout that
oo here's something crappy 1 of the guys was so turned on i
guess is what u would say from me wearin a semi low cut
shirt that he decided 2 put his head on my chest several
times grrr i hated it i think i hit him 2xs and yelled alot
if he does it again i will attack him.
umm aside from that there is nothin ousta the ordinary so
bye bye 4 now

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