2004-04-17 01:52:02 (UTC)


I brought the burial gowns and bonnets and the colorful
preemie hats to the church today. Pastor Ruth said she'll
arrange them on the altar and on tables and will bless them
Our beautiful spring weather has disappeared and we've been
left with cold and showery days and nights. I've put the
blanket back on the bed along with the down comforter and a
quilt. The good news is I don't have to bother watering my
flowers. The bad news is that the weeds are growing like
mad. As soon as the showers taper off I need to go out and
catch up on some yardwork.
I finished a little white sweater and one matching bootie
today. I'll make the second bootie and the matching bonnet
tomorrow if I get to it.
Again, there was a photo of the funeral of another Oregon
soldier killed in Iraq on the front page of this morning's
newspaper. I can't remember any other war where all the
funerals of soldiers who died made the front page. I don't
think they did this during the first Gulf war and I
certainly know they didn't during the Vietnam war. Part of
it may be that the governor has attended every funeral since
the Iraq war began and that has made it news.