Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2004-04-16 22:56:38 (UTC)

No more secrets

Last week was a hard one. I always knew that one day,
Astrid would mention talking about each other's darkest
secrets. Well, I was right. She told me hers. (which wasn't
even close to being near as bad as mine) She had two, just
like I did. I told her a secret that I never told anyone
else about myself, but not my two darkest.
I told her that...this kinda thing can cause power
emotions, it can easily break up even a perfect
relationship. I told her that I wasn't sure I should tell
her because I was so scared of losing her. She said it
doesn't matter, and just tell her when I'm ready to. I had
to do some really really deep thinking. I mean, if I truly
loved her I should be honest. On the other hand, I love her
so much and I don't want to hurt her! Not to mention that
my promise might get broken. And I would NEVER let that
happen... even if it would cost me my life.
The next day, I decided that I had to tell her.... Its
the most honest and mature thing to do! I sent her an email
with my darkest and deepest secrets in it. I couldn't help
feeling so depressed when I wrote it. I never wanted to
remember those two awful things I did in my past. ::sighs::
But we all most move on somehow. I'm the one who decided to
never forgive myself and right what I had done wrong. thats
what drove me to tell her!
Anyways, after a sleepless night with my thought of
being alone again, I got up to read my emails. I'll never
forget what she said. She said I was the most honest and
bravest guy she knew! And she loves me even more than she
used to. I didn't tell her, but I did feel like crying
because I felt so happy. I still felt bad for a few days
however, but I'm ok now. I know I've found my true love for
sure this time. And I'm not letting anything change that,
even the past! Well its the weekend, so I better get going.