2004-04-16 22:37:54 (UTC)

Bad Day

I wanted to write this last night, but our internet was
down. Ok, yesterday, i came home from my tennis match (we
won, 6-1 6-3) and found my mom and dad hogging every good
thing in this damn apartment. my mom was on the phone AND
watching tv at the same time (which is like illegal) and my
dad was on the computer. SO i had nothing to do, so i asked
my mom if she could please take her call somewhere else so
i could at least watch tv. well, her eyes looked a little
red and puffy so i figured she was in a bad mood. well, she
takes her call to her room and i watch tv for about 20 min.
then, i begin to fall asleep, until i was disturbed by my
mom crying. It was a "Scary" cry, like the kind i have been
i break down and just feel like im going to cry for the
rest of my life. I heard her sobbing and i asked my
dad "why the hell don't go you talk to her and try and calm
her down" and he said "she had a bad day at work, she'll
get over it". that pissed me off. I thought to myself, what
a good husband you are, you can't even console your wife
when she is like that? so i got up and left the room
because i was so disgusted by him. well, i went to my room
and layed down and tried to get to sleep. thinking through
in my head what was going on. and i got to thinking that my
dad wasn't the only horrible person at that moment. i was
even worse. i recongnized the problem, thought about my
parents "issues" and didn't even consider them. i left it
up to my dad to take care of and when he wouldn't i thought
that nothing else could be done. well, i was in the wrong
here, not only was my dad a mean person, i was too.
thats not a good thing to realize....