aNd sO i WrItE
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2004-04-16 21:06:00 (UTC)

bLaH bLaH bLaH

today... well
today was... i dunno str8 iguess...
i mean it wasnt bad..only at some points was it bad..but
it wasnt good.....i was in my own little world today so i
aint let to much get to me....1st period... she tried to
make me take a test n hand in all this work i was workin
on while she wanted me to hand in... n i told her i wasnt
gone do it... so i didnt... i finished mah work tho n
handed it in n i aint have enough time for mah tests....
it was funny bc she was like outta no where real loud
" shake it like a salt shaker" i was like oh wow... i just
put on mah head phones n listened to music for tha rest of
tha time... i was thinkin aboout certain things... just
stuff i dunno... n then when tha bell rang i asked her to
sign this sheet for me so i can go on this feild trip... n
she said on it that it was iight that i went... n then 2nd
period came... n that class is so boring... so i fell
sleep but then woke up n then finished mah notes... n then
at tha end i asked him ti sign it... n he said its not
iight for me to go on tha feild trip... n tha teacher who
gave me tha sheet said if ONE TEACHER SAYS U CANT GO THAT
ITS NOT OKAY? then u not goin.... so i jjust laughed n i
was so fuckin pissed off n i just threw tha paper by his
desk.... man that made me mad bc i really wanted to go...
n now... i cant... n its like he tellin me i cant ...but
not tellin me y.... man tipical teacher... u doin suttin
wrong but they wont tell u wha... fuckin i hate this
shit...aint no point in goin... anyway...3rd period came
around n i cheered up bc i was failin that class and he
came up to me n handed me mah project and said U DID
WONDERFUL... n i waslike really? n he said yeah... n then
i looked on tha wall n i seen mah project.. that means he
liked it... n i passed it with a 98 ....i was kinda happy
abou t that...but then i wasnt feelin i just put
mah head down n took notes... anyway tha bell rang n i
went to 4th... it was iight i was just sittin baq wit mah
hoody n listen to mah music....n mah girl told me that her
sister went out of town so i aint pay too much mind to
it... she immature so i aint really wanna chill wit her
plus all she gone do is smoke or drink... n thas not me...
anyway so when she told me that she said.. she gone loose
her v~card too.. n over some little nigga wo play mind
games... damn she too pretty to be fuckin wit him ..but
she refuse to listne and she gone learn tha hard way.. i
mean ppl tell her n tell her n tell her... but it goes
thru one ear n out tha other...she gone learn tho..but i
told her to call me today... when she done... fuckin this
nigga... *sighs* children... i tell u... thas horrible...
she gone regret it... but thas her choice.... man anyway
so 5th came n i aint talk not at all... n i took this test
but bc i was gone... i aint know shit n i was just writing
down shit... outta no where... :-/... i know i failed it n
im already failin... oh well.. i guess i dunno... 6th came
n Mike n me were rollin... lmao that boy is a fool... he
told me to meet him at tha mall but i dont feel like it..
plus i dont think i have a fuckin ride anyway ... when i
was on tha bus i was just listening to mah music n
Christine said she might braid mah hair so thas koo... but
oh well.. n Nikki spose to call me so we can go get out
belly button's periced... n no one if home right now.. n
mah side was killin me only on one side tho... n it hurt
so bad i just laided on tha floor... i was afraid i was
gone have to go to tha hospital....but it was iight after
a while....anyway man i miss Ty... im bored right now if
he was home we would be whylin out on tha phone... when i
woke up this morning...he wasnt on tha phone... n it was
like... man im bored... ..oh boy... anyway..dont matter...
anyway i gotta go talk to some one about suttin... n i
gotta go lay down... so this is bLaH blaH bLaH for today...
On3 1uv
God Bless