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2004-04-16 20:21:12 (UTC)

Friday, April 16th, 2004

Today was such a great day!! This seems like the perfect
time for me to start this diary, because I have found
something in my life that I have been waiting forever
for. A few days ago I met this awesome girl named
Bethany. Every day since I met her I've started to like
her more and more. Today we actually came face to face
for the first time, and we actually ran into each other
three different times during the day. I know I don't know
her very well but I love everything about her, the way she
smiles, talks, looks, and just the wonderful personality
she has. I doubted this would ever happen to me! I'm
worried that I might be moving too fast in my mind, but I
wonder if I could actually be falling in love with her
already?. I just hope she feels the same way that I feel
about her, so far. We were going to meet after school
today but he said she had to babysit. I can't wait to be
with her! she said maybe on Snday we can get together. As
weird as this may sound, I'm not use to liking someone
that likes me back. I think Bethany is going to change my
Not that I care today, but I got my report card. I did
great. I'm beginning to think of school as a less
important thing in my life. I need to start focusing more
on social and physical things, to keep myself healthy. I
am a good student and I don't have to take school so
seriously all the time as long as I keep my grades up.
I hope that this diary will have many good times and
stories in it. After today I feel like it is going to! I
just feel on top of the world today! :D

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