How would you ever guess.
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2004-04-16 14:13:50 (UTC)


So yesterday was a busy day for me. I got up after a GREAT
night sleep in my own bed....and took a nice long shower.
Then I went to my school to meet up with Jessica and her
daughter becuase I havent seen her in forever. THen I
stopped by the Y to do my time sheet and got attacked while
I was there. LAcey wanted to go for a ride so I took her to
go see an apt that she wanted to see. Julie attacked me...
basically jumped on me when I walked thru the door.

After that I came home for a few.... of course I have to
drive by heaths house to get into the neighborhood lol yeah
he was home all day. Yeah mmmhmm

Then I went to see my mom at work... and then I came home
to clean my room. There was so much damn dust in here...and
I guess its a dumping ground while Im gone because I found
so much random shit in here.... there was a toaster in my
closet...still in the box and all but why the hell is it
in my closet??

My mom came home and Joe already had dinner half done... so
we waited for that then we all ate together... it was soooo
good. After dinner we went down to Heaths house to see his
parents new kitchen... he wasnt home. Phew! Oh but then
while I was chit chatting with his mom in the dinning room
he came home.... stands at the tops of the stairs and looks
right at me and says "Hi" in this chipper voice. So my mom
said "Hi Heath" as I just sat there and stared at
then with a delayed reaction... I said "hi" and he looks at
me and goes "hey". Then my mother talks to him for a few
and he leaves to go out four wheeling with his friend.

My god.. Torture!! THen Stacey called. Her and I went to
the cd store to buy some Cd that she wanted... and we made
fun of the people that worked there... lol it was fun. We
always seem to get in trouble

Then we decided we were gonna go see my brother bowling. He
bowls every Thursday night. SO we went there, and on the
way there Stace and I had a very serious talk about friends
and who your true friends are and blah blah blah... it was
a good talk.

We got to the bowling ally... they didnt know we were when we walked in I saw hes like "Hey
girl" So I ran up and gave my brother a hug...and then went
over and gave Shawn a hug... we had fun just chillin there
with them. WE always have fun with them...
Then as we were leaving I gave shawn a hug bye and he says
to me..."lookin sexy. I like the jacket its smooth and
silky" lol so I rubbed my and walked away. lol
it was a good night.

anywho on another note. I found this in a magazine the
other day....

10 signs you need to get some action.

1. If your mailman were even moderatley less obese and
didnt have all that hair on his hands, you'd be all over

2. Your mom goes out of her way to tell you "those new
laws in Vermont and Mass" are just fine with her.

3. You wonder if Jared from those Subway ads has a

4. In the grocery store, you find yourself lingering near
the cucumbers.

5. Your developing carpal tunnel syndrome and it aint from

6. Try as you may, you jut cant remember why you dumped any
of your exes.

7. The apartment is dusted, your check-book is balanced,
and your finding more time to volunteer.

8. In your swimsuit, your notice your bikini line scarily
resembles a redwood forest.

9. Just moments ago, you agreed to let your parents hook
you up with soem guy they met on their Be a Better
Christian retreat.

10. Your box of condoms had not only expired, but the brand
has gone out of buisness.

OKay... thats kinda how Im feeling right now!! lol but I
read that while I was in the airport on the way home and i
thought it was just the greatest thing.. I was laughing so
hard... i think people were looking at me.

Anywho Im out I have to go take a shower and get dressed so
i can go get christiana at noon time and take her out to
lunch... and Im not even paying. I love this whole mentor
kind of thing I got going on.. lol

later kiddo's

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