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2004-04-16 11:11:10 (UTC)

Old Friends

friendship is amazing. i dunno why, the more i
grow, the more i treasure people around me.

one of my old friends dropped me a message, asking me
to visit him in europe this summer. sorry to disappoint.
but the very thing of seeing a message from him is
touching. have we every thought of one studying in
england and one studying in canada, when we first met in
f.1 at the volleyball training group? moments of
practice, coaching, matches pop up. remember we were the
only two f.1 zai in the team at that time; remember how we
tried to get rocky into the team in f.2; remember how we
lost in the cham-fight in f.3; remember, having lost for 4
years, we finally won the inter-house competition in f.5,
the final year u're at lmc; remember the moment when we
got the final point. remember the cheap cheap court, the
cheap cheap net, the cheap cheap chaning room and the
change from train to mikasa. i remember 7-11.

no matter how far we're apart, no matter for how long we
haven't chatted, no matter how many times i declined your
invitations to church, u're always my best friend, raymond.

seeing his message drives me to contact some of my old
friends. we're from different walks of life, god brought
us together. we'll be heading for different ways too.
but the fact that we once came to each other can't be
denied, not even by the omnipotent.

what happened does matter. yet what will happen counts