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2004-04-16 03:31:04 (UTC)

For once... life is good!

You know how people say "life is what you make it..." well
I never quite understood that until today! So... I sat
today and thought about life... and whats missing... and
this is what I realized... Life really is what you make it.
Yeah we all make mistakes... some a lot bigger then
others... but we are all only human... A lot of people
(this is me including) talk and talk about how much life
sucks and shit... and all that stuff... they talk how big
bear sucks, life sucks... everything... but i just got to
thinking and kinda i got showed by a very mucho special
person that when u think your all alone and have no one,
people do care. I mean today i was just sitting there
dwelling on my "self pittiness" then i read a letter and it
made me realize that people do care! I mean i used to talk
how much life sucks and how big bear sucks but its really
what you make it... you choose... I mean yeah we make our
mistakes but move on and have fun ya know... thats what i
realized today! So yeah anywho... last night i was feeling
pretty down in the dumps and danny came over... that was
very cool! And then today was school;... nothing exciting!
But i figured a lot out today and it was awesome! I
realized that really I dont even neeed to be FRIENDS or
ANYTHING with shawn... I mean why??? all he does is treat
me badly so screw that! Im sick of getting treated badly!
And danny is so nice to me so screw all guys ho are mean
cuz now i have a guy thats so super nice to me so yeah!!
And you know... any guy who is mean i dont even need in my
life! I just wanna be happy and have fun... and for once i
am happpy... more happy then i have been and I am having
fun! More fun then i have had in a long time! So for once
life is good! Life really is good now! And I am so happy
for that!! Becuase i was so depressed for a while and just
in one day things got completely turned around! So yeah...
but i am talking to danny now and we are trying to make
plans for tomarrow and I really cant do two things at once
so i will write later! Ok... byebye!!

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