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2004-04-16 02:37:33 (UTC)

sparkle effect

Yeah, I know.. I havent wrote in a while..
I dunno if i've been avoiding my own thoughts or what, but
things have been hectic. I cant wait till this damn boot-
camp semester is freakin over with. I know they are trying
to weed out students, or, one student in particular.. but
heh.. im in her clinical rotation group, so we all get
dumped on. Tuesday was like being in hell.. literally. I
really could not think of anywhere else I would have hated
to be more than that ICU. Let me just say this...
AIDS patients, Kids about to kick the bucket and.. oh yes..
lets not forget the poor sweet grandmother who will never
come off life support. Heh.. gotta love telling the family
bout' that one.
I miss fishin'.. The weather has been great and I can
almost hear the wind blowing in between the trees even when
im looking out the window. I looooove when the sunlight
comes inbetween the tree leaves and gives this kinda
sparkle effect. Its like heaven to me.. its gotta be
something like that, dontcha think??
Somebody told me today that the "sparkle effect" induces
seizures.. heh, kinda spoiled my fantacy.
When I get better from being sick im gonna take off one
saturday and go fishing with SJ.
Well.. all in all.. im doing ok. Just need some sleep, a
good boyfriend and a nice job.. then i'll be jussst fine.
I think i need to put myself out there a bit more.. even
the fat old ugly doctors are starting to appeal to me.
Nooot a good thing. I think that'll be my goal before my
next bday in june.
OK.. gotta get some work done
im out

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