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2004-04-15 22:34:23 (UTC)

21 reasons ....................why I am bored

1.No boyfriend
2.No sex
3.No numbers.... (69)
4.No Alcohol (less than 2 drinks)
5.No friends (no decent friends)
6.NO shops to bu alcohol from (that my mum hasnt told my
real age)
7.No one to buy me Alcohol
8.No drugs
9.No one to buy drugs from!
10.No one to buy me drugs
11.No teddy bears left to mutalate!
12.No money
13.No one to borrow money from (i owe everyone atleast £2)
14.No song writing material (well not for a happy song)
15.No fake ID's
16.No drivers licence
17.No bus pass
18.No Train tickets
19.No Plane tickets
20.No Distilled Mind (well not for me Oz h8s me)
21.No Poison (to feed to my step sister)

Amy x

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