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I'm a Lone Ranger
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2004-04-15 22:11:14 (UTC)

The Wind Singer

Another work-filled day, of shovelling shite and getting
pissed on. Don't get me wrong, I love everyone in that
house. Some are so cute, u just want to take them all.
some of them u only do, because u get paid for it. Work
started at 1, and I got up at 12, so I was rushed. I dnt
think I dreamt last nite, haven't figured out if that is a
gd thing or not. Got an email from Jean, asking if I
wanted to go to dundee this weeken, and that she had 3
spare seats. Most of the youth from our church got the
email. I would want to go, if more people were going.
But anyway, my father wouldn't allow it, I'm condemned to
revising for the rest of my life. Oh well! I still dunno
what i feel for Mark. Even tho it is a lost cause. But
today, I dnt fncy him so much. Maybe U would if he was on
the internet. But he went off after like half an hr, to
supposedly let his bro on. Who did come on, right
enough. But I don't think Mark could be bothered talking.
Probably wants to go and phone Tasia :'(
Anyway, nto much mroe to report. My head is really itchy,
I dnt have nits tho. I've checked, lol. I got a frioend
in wales to give me some cornrow thingies. U know how a
lot of the black population have their hair braided tight
againt the scalp (it looks awesome on them), well I had it
down halfway acroos my head. So I think the new style s
making me itch. Think I'll take it out soon. It wasn't
really what I wanted, its like slanted over my head. I'm
getting rather spotty now-a-days, think I need to go
shopping for some face wash an such like. At camp, most
of the girls in my dorm came out with all these night
creams to put on. And terhe I was, with just a
toothbrush. Anwyay, i said there wasn't much to report,
so off to bed!