mY sToRy
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2004-04-15 21:14:23 (UTC)


WeLl I hAvEnT bEeN wRiTiNg ThAt MuCh In HeRe LaTeLy BeCuS
tHeRe Is nOtHiNg To wRitE aBoUt~!ToDaY wAs KoOl tHoUgH
BeCuS mE, bEc, CoWiE, rAnDy, BraDe, AnD rEiD dId OuR mAn I
fEeL lIkE a WoMaN lIp SyNc ShOw FoR tHe 5tH gRaDeRs At
SaMpSoN! OhH iT wAs sO fUnNe AnD sO mUcH fUn, WhEn bEc hAd
HeR gUm In HeR hAnD, tOtAlLy GrOoVy (Ah Ha ThAt WaS tHe
FuNnIeSt, OnLy BeC aNd CoW wOuLd GeT ThAt) KnOcKiN DoWn
ThE cHaIrS wHiLe ThAt laDy WaS tAlKiNg, ChRiS aNd ThE
wHolE tHiNg AbOuT cOwIeS sHiRt BeInG tO shoRt, rEiD aNd
HiS wHiTe ShOeS aNd GoLfEr HaT, tHe 5tH gRaDeRs SiNgInG
aLoNg, AnD mE aNd CoW nOt GoInG tO ClAsS aFtEr ThE tHiNg
WaS dOnE! aH sO MuCh FuN! aNd ThaTs ThE bEsT tHiNG tHAt
HaPpEnEd ToDaY! sO yA mIgHt WrItE a PoEm RiGhT nOw So c Ya