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2004-04-15 18:31:43 (UTC)

Sympathy for the Untrained

Truly, I feel only sadness for those who believe they're
worth nothing. And also a lot of annoyance, too, but when
the shallow anger leaves, what's left is pity. And most of
the time, they're just being blind to what the truth is.
Generally, it's low esteem, depressed mother fuckers who
have no idea of their self worth. Anyone who would pass
through the Sphinxes on way to the Oracle would surely die
by their eyes. No doubt, as the Sphinxes can see anyone
who does not feel their self worth, and that's the sad
part, mostly. They cannot feel it. That, alone, is so
depressing, I wouldn't even want to associate myself with

But maybe that's the pot calling the kettle black...
And I'm hungry.