What I really THINK
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2004-04-15 14:18:38 (UTC)

Opening my eyes

I'm at school today. I just got done my work for the rest
of the year in my computers class. After this little
entry I'm probably going to smoke a cigarette and start my
reading shit.
I didn't end up calling renfrew until my way to school
today. There is a waiting list to get in this place, can
u believe that shit? I have to wait 2 to 4 weeks for
treatment. Until then I'm going to do my hardest to
stop. Every time I try to do it I'm just going to think
about my decaying teeth (no, they arn't decaying, but I
know that that is what will happen).
I want new friends. Mine are boring. Nev just
disappeared one day, ness just gets on my nerves. Ashley
never has money. Candace is always with Ashley and lee.
My friends suck, I need a change of envirnment or
something becuase my life is boring and it sux. As long
as I am staying here then my life will continue to get
boring. Summer is coming up and I want to take a trip to
flordia or something.
Love me