Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2004-04-15 12:33:18 (UTC)


again, once more, unto the breach


it. has happened again. i mean.

i thought it might. i was hoping.

praying to Loki. that I was wrong.

but, i'm never wrong.

i'm always right.

instincts be damned!

I have a fucking right to be happy
for a fucking change!! WHY did it have
to happen??

i could have kept my minds eye closed.

BUT FUCK THAT! I have to be Mr. Itoldyouso.

I just HAVE TO be so fucking intuitive dont


i am never wrong. this is my mantra.

i am always wrong. this is my mantra.

i am ever alone. this is my mantra.

she doesn't. isn't. can't.

and it's not even.

as though.

i couldn't have tried?

my muse. is lost to me.


now what. never talk to strange people?

never confirm your suspicious nature?

be forever in doubt of your own being?


that seems to be my lot.

body's floating in the river.

pity I have too much to look forward to.

but then, i've never had to urge to kill myself.

kill my soul, oh yes. indeed. have i yearned to
destroy my mind.

but never, my life.

never. my life.

it's too bad. i was really starting to fall.

for a brief, flirting moment. is was wonderful.

tis, twas, a brief vision of beauty i did behold.

and now. evermore.


pushed away, like flotsome on the lake.

corpses in alleyways..

oh how amusing.

i cannot bear it. and yet.

such is, as will be.

in another life maybe.

another time.

fuck me. this blows.


my mind deceives me ever yet again.

fuck you. fuck me. fuck the world.

oh how i lothe my inner doubt, that crushing
fist of raging anger violently thrashing
about in my mind.

i would, if pushed. have slaughted the world.

now, i mearly tread softly.

broken again.

the peices of my heart, stolen, slivers never
to be regained.

why? why did I need to know?

why should I have wanted.

ignorance, while bliss. is not a thing
to behold when one seeks to find in another
thier mate of souls.

and yet, there it was. is. will be. methinks.

i shall dwell on that one further, but i have
little doubt, my conviction is strong.

my will is stronger.