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2004-04-15 12:08:49 (UTC)


Yesterday when I came home from 7:24 I felt like shit
because it seemed like all my friends were ignoring me and
just talking to Travis, this had happened before with
Aaron so it just hit me really hard last night. Yea,
believe it or not, that's the only thing that threw me
over the edge. I was crying because it didn't seem right.
Then Cameron Barber challenged me except by the time I got
to the front of the church the little fucker had gone
home. He says he wants to kick my ass so we'll go at it
just for his sake. Me and Bryan Roberts finally got to do
our little fight, I threw him on the ground once and that
was pretty much the end of it. After I got home, I
persuaded my mom to let me on the internet. That was one
of the best things I could have done because then I got to
talk to Renna and she made me happy again. I'm so happy
today cause Renna, me, Travis, and Chelsea are all going
to the movies tomorrow. I have no clue what we're going to
see but I'm pretty sure the movie won't be the most
interesting thing in that theatre:). That's all for now,
probably add more later.

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