William Wong

who knows
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2004-04-15 12:07:56 (UTC)

One Year

what i got for you is gummy vites. it's like vitamins
supplement in the form of gummy candies. i bought it
weeks ago actually, but i have been hesitating all along.

1. i want to give it to u, because i think it is good for u
2. i want to give it to u, because i care about u, and
your health
3. but i know u won't like receiving it
4. and i know giving it to u may put u in a difficult
5. yet i cant help telling u about it
6. though soon i realized i shouldnt be pushy u refused
7. to conclude, notwithstanding the good that i
geneuinely believe the candies would do to u, i decided to
keep it

haven't had this feeling for long:
when shopping, always have sb in mind, to see whether
anything i see would be good for her, or would make her

what does it mean? it can mean many things; it can also
mean nothing.

may be, may be not. things would take their course.


dropping off for more than 1 year; didn't really think of
picking it up at another corner of the world

my first experience of global citizenship


小孩子相信直覺 才值得我去學
大人忘掉知識 聽細路的也無壞

憑小孩子審判善惡 才活得更磊落

小孩子想說便說 才活得更快樂


thank you god for being so indulgent to me. you are my

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