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2004-04-15 03:35:41 (UTC)

Am i even wanted or even needed?

I was told a couple days ago that all i do is mess things
up... and that this world would be better if i never talk
to _______ again... well Im starting to think "this person"
is right! I realized a lot today as a was sitting on my bed
and crying. I realized I really have no one... honestly...
I had people but as of present tense... no one seems to
honestly care. I mean... the only person who has really
REALLY been there for me lately is Danny and I love him for
that!! I mean my best friend talks to my ex a lot so i cant
say to much about how i feel... and then my ex... i cant
talk to him anymore... and I dont have many friends I feel
like no one seems to care about me... Have you ever had
that feeling like what would life be without you?? Well
thats kinda what I was thinking tonight... would anyone
even miss me? I am starting to really think about moving...
I mean I have no one here. I swear I spend more time crying
and stuff then I do being real happy. I mean I know i have
people that really care but i just feel right now like i
have no one. I mean I com home every day and see danielle
and brent all happy and stuff then herer i am... alone! I
dont know... i am having a really hard time dealing with
life and stuff... its hard right now! But i am going to
learn to deal!! Cuz I feel lik this is how its really gonna
be from now on...

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