in silent existance
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2004-04-15 01:07:29 (UTC)

hmmm 2 say or not 2 say that my friend is the q of the day

well now this is just peachy. i've had a shitty day i'm
nervous aas hell and i can't go run and hug my best friend
about it
eek and warren still has no idea who mystery guy is i love
it if he finds out he'll freak cuz he said the guy sounds
gay lol
hehehehe the funny thing is he just kinda asked me outta no
where who the mystery guy is so i was kinda like y do u
wanna kno???? hehehehehe i have an idea but i'll keep it 2
myself lol
luv u warren so if u read this ha i'll never tell * sticks
out tongue* me so terrible