pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
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2004-04-15 00:05:20 (UTC)

i want a common ground

so i lay here...and i think of my situations.
i wonder how many others there are like me.
"there's just somethign about you"
has been said more than once
i myself am not quite sure what that means.
but i indulge in the fact that it has been said
and i feed off of it everytime another declares it
i love that i am capable of such things
of such enticing personality and demeanor.
but i fear and run from it when i have gotten a small
taste of what it brings to me...
this i loath with a passion
i cannot stand to be faced with that decision
and i know not what to do or how to act
but that addictive feeling of being liked and watched
is the only thing that keeps me from going back
back to that old lonely but content
avoidable person of many wonders
wonders to be unknown by all...

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