Red Mini Punch

I'm a Lone Ranger
2004-04-14 22:07:56 (UTC)


Well today was mainly taken up by work. Got severly shat
on by one lady, but oh well, u get used to it. And it's
what i get paid for. I think i could be falling for Mark
then. He was in my dream tonite. But then he kept
changing to Greig and back agen. Greig is someone I used
to fancy. It was weird, we did act like a couple (in the
dream), but it's not like we kissed or anything. Oh well,
just a stupid dream, rite? u know what's a good song?
Britney Spears- Everytime, it's on her new album (In The
Zone). So nice. Is it so bad to want Mark? Even tho I
know I will never have him? Kinda hurts, but I don't like
him that much yet.

Lust hurts, cuts me deep,
It haunts me in my sleep.
And everytime I see you in my dreams,
Your in love with me, or so it seems.
I hate reality, I hate the truth,
You don't love me, I see the proof.
But still it hurts, and still I cry,
And when I see you, still I sigh.
My blood would pour, just for you,
To spend some hours, however few.
I need your love, I crave your touch,
Can't you see I need you so much?

That was such a typical poem, U know, the kind that sounds
like everyone has written somethign very similar to it
before. I hate it when I do that. I can't figure out
my "feelings" for mark. It's a hopeless cause anyway.
God, I have to get meself a man. Instead of all this
lusting and hurting. Anyway, again have work tomoro,
from 1-9. Another lengthy shift.

Anyway, I think that's all I have to say. Bye xxx