2004-04-14 20:56:56 (UTC)

hey mister. shes my sister.

Name 5 words I would use to describe myself.
sad, beautiful, smart, independent, caring

Name 5 members of my family.
bob, that little spanish boy that masquerades as your mom,
your little cousin (i don't know any of their names, damn i

Name 5 people I consider close friends.
dawn, caroline, me!, seba, erin

Name 5 people I would like to kill.
georgina, diana, robin, navin, katie

Name 5 people I have dated. some of these may ge me
slapped later...navin, richard, matt, caroline, tyler dukes!

Boys/Girls: what month is it?

What is my biggest regret? matt? i hope?

What makes me happy? your puppy humping my arm?

What makes me sad? lots

What makes me angry? ignorance and people blatantly
disregarding how you feel

What turns me on?'re a scorpio

What are my dreams for my future? a little girl

What's the weirdest thing I do? date within a family

What is my favorite thing about myself? your eyes

If I could change anything about myself, what would I
change? your huge boobs

Finally, what are 5 things I would say about you? that i
suck because i don't see you enough, i'm weird, that i give
good advice, i make stupid decisions, you have fun when
you're with me.