How would you ever guess.
2004-04-14 13:18:04 (UTC)

Body filled with excitement

So this morning is my last morning here. Its been a long
three weeks, but Im more than happy to go home. Yesterday
my sister and i went to the resturaunt because she had to
work...I kinda just sat there and watched. Then we came
home and chilled for a little bit. we watched some of the
home video that we had made for my mom. It was the
children fighting, and at easter, and doing whatever it is
that they needed to do. We tried to get it onto a video
tape so that I could bring it home, but it wasnt working.

We all went on a bike/walk yesterday down to the bakery.
It was a good time, except for the fact that Ethan likes
to dart out in the middle of the road.

then we went back to the cornerstone for dinner, where I
said my goodbyes to the rest of the family. we ate dinner
and erika and I dirty danced for a little bit. lol it was
kinda funny because the song was slow...and its rather
hard to dirty dance to a slow song.

I could hardly sleep last night. My stomach hurt so
bad.... but I was just thinking about coming home today. I
was so excited. My body was filled with excitement.

Stacey is picking me up today... Im so excited that I
could just jump up and down right now. I cant wait to see
her, and my mom, and Kim. OOOH Im sooo excited. I can
hardly contain myself.

I cant wait to sleep in my own bed tonight!!! Tomorrow Im
going to clean out my closet and move my room around. Then
I have to shoot over to the Y so that I can do my time
sheet....Im working on Saturday. MONEY!! I need it so bad.

Well I must be out... my ride to the airport will be here

If anyone at home reads this today.. I miss you, I love
you and I cant wait to come home and see you.

Off onto the big bird in the sky!

Love to all.