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2004-04-14 02:56:34 (UTC)

today was the WRONG day to decide to be an uber wench

wow, this morning, i woke up extremely tired, and i knew
something was wrong. I followed my normal routine of
rushing to get ready for school, and i arrive a little
late. so i walk into seminar. i'm not going to explain the
whole story but it pretty much is like this, a girl i've
never talked to, never had beef with, decided to bitch me
and tanya out. and tanya and i are def. the wrong people to
mess with. so i have a feeling, for the rest of our high
school career (bc we stay w/ the same seminar) we will give
mallory shit every day and there is NO way she will be able
to take it, we're brutal. ANYWAY, my day is going alright
after that, free day in business (what, were you expecting
us to actually have class? lol) OH and in english, andrew
and i had a little fun flipping all the picture frames of
ms dawsons damn cat "pywackit" over, hey, pywackit TOLD me
he wanted to look out the window, hahaha! well anyway, my
shitty day continued to US history, where i was "attacked"
by she-who-not-be-named (go harry potter!) and was bitched
at. she-who-not-be-named would def. have a reason to ACT
like she knew me if she knew what the hell my life was like
now. she ACTUALLY had the nerve to question me... bitch...
anyway, trig class was actually cool, i got my homework
done in there, ok, i lied, amy jo got done with her
homework in there and i copied early, lol, and then for the
last 20 min of class taylor and i shared surgery stories.
fun times! um, after school, since my dixie match was
cancelled, i def. slept till 8. lol, im wired now, except i
took a sleeping pill so i should be alright. OH yea, now i
remeber why i was so eager to boot my dad off the computer
so i could write an entry. yea, i had text tim earlier
today bc i was so upset about GAY people that go to GAY
ryle and he said he would call me tonight. so he did, we
talked, i told him what happend, and he pulled a move that
someone else does "that sucks" and i was like wow, what a
great friend you were, so now, i know that tim, like every
other peron, does not understand me. blah blah we started
talking about my work schedule this week and he was
like "are you the one taking stefanies hours" and i was
like wow... don't fucking call me to talk about her, call
her ass bc i dont want to hear it. that really pissed me
off for reasons im NOT going into. and then he kept talking
about her and i was def. tuning him out. then we started
talking about who he worked with tonite, and it was
flessiner, and i said something about the brothers hating
me and tim was like, well, joe has a reason bc he thinks
your retarted and then tim def. started defending joe's
reason for saying that (my whole "i hate ryle" thing) and i
was like wow tim, mind your own business. joe doesn't even
know me, but hey, he is one person and i dont really care
what people think anyway. SO anyway, here i am now,
downloading some music to bumpm to in my car. OHHH wait,
andrew messed up my subs! lol, ill get 'em fixed, once i
get some free time. oh, and hell ya, rockin the new
liscense plate "kell 05" take that biotch