2004-04-14 02:40:36 (UTC)


this made me laugh and smile like whoa.
i LOVE YOU. xoxoxoxo.

What is my birthday? oct 25? you know im bad with that

What is my zodiac sign?scorpio
What is my middle name?marie
Nicknames?addy. =). BEAUTIFUL EYES.

What does my screen name mean?its a murmurs song, like DUH.

What do I want to be 'when I grow up'?a child psychologist
=) with a little girl of your own. and my wife. mhmm.

What is my favorite food?um. beer.
What is my favorite drink?beer.
What is my favorite color?purple.
What is my favorite store?walmart =)

Name 5 musical artists I like.ani,dido,savage garden, the
new radicals, and ummm. trina. =)

Name 5 movies I like.gia, high art, all over me, beaches,
anddd when harry met sally =)

Name 5 TV shows I like.friends!!!!!

Name 5 things I like to do in my free time.scarpbook like
a crazy ass, drink coffee, smoke, drink alcohol, and fuck
with pictures

Name 5 words I would use to describe myself.
beautiful, intelligent, insane, a bitch, anddddd in love
with ashley

Name 5 members of my family.a dirty mexican boy. maddie.
your gay aunt.

Name 5 people I consider close and caroline.

Name 5 people I would like to kill. hahahaaa. georgina
with the red pants. the fat ass slut diana. sarah kirk.
bret from gville. andddd umm. anis husband so you could
steal her.

Name 5 people I have dated. me. caroline. dickface. ben.
BEN(grrr). and um. does that crazy girl count? or does
richard or naven?

Shower/Bath:dark baths =)
Boys/Girls:GIRLS. you like the pussy. yo.
Blondes/Brunettes:no sunny hair for you, brunettes.
Rough/Gentle:rough baby =) i know how you like it.
Lights on/off:off.

How do I feel about...

Abortion:pro choice.
Capital Punishment:anti
Gay Marriage:for

Religion:you like to sprinkle holy water on my bed, and
then do it while wearing that thing around your neck

What do I wear to sleep?boxers and a shirt
What is my biggest regret?at this point, probably breaking
up with caroline, but youll get over that im sure

What makes me happy? caroline and ME =) hehehehe

What makes me sad? caroline and ME =) hehehehe!

What makes me angry? caroline and ME =)

What turns me on? mmmm. my pink bed. and hot body.

What are my dreams for my future? i already did this one
pretty much living in the mountains, little girl, etc....

What's the weirdest thing I do?i cant pink.

What is my favorite thing about myself?YOUR BEAUTIFUL EYES.

If I could change anything about myself, what would I
change?your boobies. even though i dont understand it.

Finally, what are 5 things I would say about you? psh. i
dunno nigga. you tell me. 3.