A Day In The Life Of Sam
2004-04-14 02:13:46 (UTC)


hey people... long time no type. lets see.. ummmmm jus got bak from FL for spring break. went wit brenton.. we had fun.. and now i think im bout to start pushin away from him. i dont really want to but i mean lets be real. hes my friend and all.. but hes about to graduate.. and do u honestly think after he graduates hes gunna be worried about me? hell no.. and i dont blame him.. i mean it makes me sad and i dont wanna lose him but i have nothin to keep him wit. plus hes got john bak so lord knows he dont need me, umm what else is new? me n jen r workin on our friendship.. i think things are going well. i hope so anyways. cause i really did miss her. ummm what else... me n whit r cool.. me n jt r cool( hes movin to orlando after he graduates :'(..) ummm theres a new man in my life.. keith.. its early still but i hope things work out. i could really use a good relationship right now. well i think thats it.. i will holla at u ppl lata!