Best Left Unspoken
2004-04-14 00:05:35 (UTC)

Scary Story Part 12

"The horse stall Brittaney walked into was dirty and had a
damp smell to it. As she walked over to the shadowed
corner to hide and let everything in her mind escape
something ran across the ground and made Brittaney jump
back. She was very jumpy, but who wouldn't be jumpy if
they had a night like she has had?" Jennifer asked
everyone and looked around the room. Her gaze stopped on
Megan. Megan just smiled as if it were nothing at all.
"Continue," Megan urged Jennifer to finish her part of the
"Brittaney kept walking to the darkened corner. As she got
closer it looked like there was sometihng in it. Brittaney
stopped dead in her tracks. It looked like a person. She
didn't know what to do. Brittaney then remembered that
Sara had given her the box of matches to hold for a while.
Brittaney pulled them out of her pocket and lit one. The
little flame gleamed in the dark. It seemed so welcoming
so warm and friendly, so inviting. But Brittaney new what
it was for. It was Tiffany's body leaning in the corner.
It hurt so bad to see another one of her friends
carelessly stabbed to death for no real reason at all,"
Jennifer stopped again.
"Why have you stopped yet again?" Megan's smirk left her
perky face.
"I can't play your little game anymore. Sorry but I quit,"
Jennifer took the twig out of pocket and snapped it in
With that Megan got up pulled the knife up and ready and
stabbed Jennifer with one quick swift motion. "Sorry but
when you quit, you lose," Megan laughed at the dying
Jennifer lying on the floor.
Everyone was very surprised at what Megan had just done
that they held their breath. Tiffany jumped up, but
Brittaney pulled her back down so fast to the dusty sofa
it created a little dust cloud in the room.
"Now look at what you made me do," Megan said to
Jennifer's body on the floor. "Just look at this mess."
Megan shook her head. "Hey I have another game idea! All
of you leave the living room and I'll hunt one of you down
and kill you. We will of course assemble back here when I
am done." Well Brittaney, of course, needs to stay in here
so that she can finish the story when we're done with our
fun little game," Megan was sounding so perky it was
almost as if all of this nights events was just a terrible
No one moved from where they were at first. Then Tiffany
got up and left the room.
"Well, what are the rest of you waiting for? I already
gave you the invitation," Megan urged everyone to leave
the room.
Seth got up and went back upstairs. Then Steven went up,
then Brittaney was the only one left in the room. Megan
had just left to go find someone. But before she left she
smirked at Brittaney as if this truly was all a game.
Just as Megan was leaving Brittaney blurted out, "You
really have a serious problem."
"Megan turned around and said (keeping her smirk), "If I
truly do than it's all your fault. It's all your fault."
then she ran upstairs.
Brittaney felt terrible that she was safe for now at
least. She thought about who all went where. Tiffany went
back toward the kitchen, and Seth and Steven both went
upstairs. Megan was going to kill Steven next. That's who
she was going after. Brittaney thought even more. Before
Sara was stabbed she had a knife. Then it something
important popped into her mind. Brittaney needed to kill
Brittaney looked around then tan to where Sara had been
left. When she got there, there was only a large blood
stain on the hardwood floor. There was no Sara, her body
was gone, and so was the knife.
There were blood droplets leading up the steps and
Brittaney followed them. They lead up the stairs and into
a small bedroom that had a crib in it. The room also
contained a lot of extra furniture too. It was a perfect
place for a the prey (Steven) to try to hide from the
preditor (Megan).
Brittaney saw some movement in the room and peaked in some
more. Steven was standing in there looking behind a rather
large couch to see if it was a safe place for him to hide
from Megan. Behind him stood Megan. She silently lifted
her knife. It gleamed in the moonlight. Brittaney opened
her mouth to yell out to Steven. To save him. But before
she got a sound out Sara jumped out from her hiding place
with her knife. It didn't give the safe shimmer from the
light, but that was because of all the rust.
Megan swooped her knife down just as Sara attacked. Sara's
knife broke through Megan's skin and went into her back.
Megan fell to the floor screaming. Steven turned around
and Sara fell to the floor too. She was in pain and dying.
She had a massive loss of blood. Sara had almost no
strength left in her bleeding dying body.
Brittaney ran into the room just as Steven got on his
knees to hold Sara's head up.
"Sara, say something," Brittaney said when she got to
Sara's side.
"I had to do it. And I did it just for you," Sara said
then closed her eyes. She died in both of their arms just
like the story.
Steven and Brittaney looked at each ther as everyone else
came to the room. They had heard Megan's scream and knew
that it was her. They knew it was over. They all went down
to the living room together.
"Brittaney, you should finish the story. Just for fun,"
Seth said.
"Yeah, just so we know what happens to everyone else,"
Tiffany said.
"Okay," Brittaney said. She went to the middle of the
living room floor and picked up the broken twig. "We do
have until Ethan gets back here with help anyway. Might as

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