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I'm a Lone Ranger
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2004-04-13 22:18:51 (UTC)

Pouring Crimson Regret

Yeh, know I have already written. But oh well. I really
need to get to bed, but kinda wanna stay online, cos I'm
talking to mark. I dnt fancy him, was jst another one of
my phases that last like a day. He is going back out with
Tasia. He says he doesn't know whta came over him, being
a dick at the weekend. I know deep down he dosn't love
her anymore. He told me this like a fortnite ago, but now
he does agen, or so he thinks. I think maybe he just
wants someone. Why the fuck does he sit and pull other
girls while he is drunk then? Surly if he lovved her, and
knew that he would end up pulling heaps of other people
wen he is drunk, then he wouldn't do it. Grrr, not in a
gd mood. Maybe I do fancy him then? I don't right now.
I used to think that Tasia is was mature for her age (14),
but she isn't really. It's just a front, but once u stay
with her all weekend, she really is just her age. I took
2 packs of biscuits with me to Wales, I ate one packet on
the way there with my friends, and only had 2 from the
other packet. anyway, u know Chris? WHo I spoke of
earlier. Well Tasia stole my other packet and gave them
to him cos he said he was hungry. I mean she went into me
and Mo's room, and took them. Then she lied later on
saying hse only took a single biscuit. I know, I know,
it's only biscuits. But it peeved me off, not like I had
any other food. And she didnt even eat them herself, she
gave them away to a guy she had only known for 2 days.
Theh she lies to me? I sitll don't understand. I think
maybe I am jealous of her, for having Mark. Rite now I
don't think I fancy him, but when I read over this post,
it's obvious that I do. But I don't. Argh I'm confused.
But on the other hand, i hate him, I mean he is such a
jerk. And now I have to sit and listen to Tasia this and
Tasia that. And Tasia's sister is so damn funny. Like I
fucking care? Infact Mark does talk a lot about himself.
I just have to sit and reply with "kool" and "Uh huh" and
so on. It's quite boring. Why did I go on the net 2nite,
to see if he was on? ARGH! Wanna pull my hair out.
Tomoro I'll read this and think wat a bitch I am. Anyway,
going to bed now, knackered.