The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-04-13 22:09:26 (UTC)


Heya..i just read Leeshas diary n i remembed i didnt
mention anything about D2 2day!! LoL! Leesha mite kill me
for tellin ppl this..but i shall say..SHE HAD NOTHING TO DO

Well went into the shoe shop under d2! its no longer schuh
but qube or summit strange like that..n there was a sexi
guy workin in d2 checkin oot Leesha as she walked
downstairs..he was HOT! LoL! we went back upstairs n
had a look about n he was checkin oot Leesha so bad! i fink
he had a hard on! ;-) LoL!..then we went away n Emma n I
decided 2 go back into D2 n give him Leeshas number..LoL!
we had 2 go 2 Index n get a pen n write on the back of a
index slip thing so we cud write her we wrote it
n then Emma n i went back 2 d2 n Emma gave him the thing n
said.."i saw ye checkin out my mate so heres her mob
number" n then we went out the shop! he looked WELL CHUFFED
n had a big cheeser on his face..n was like "thanks very
much" now we're waiting on the sexi guy 2 fone Leesha!!

- x adios x -

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