kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
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2004-04-13 20:40:40 (UTC)


I had a dream about Dave last night. He was here at school visiting some guy
friend of his. I was a little bummed that he might leave without telling me

He ended up coming to my room before he left. It was so funny. He stood
outside of my room. Then he called me by my full name and said "get over
here." He held his arms out to hug me. I surprised him by jumping into his
arms and wrapping my legs around his waist.

The look on his face was priceless. Too bad it was just a dream. Either I
kissed him or I teased him that I was in the perfect position to kiss him. I
don't recall what happened because I woke up right after the dream.

I talked to him for a brief second last night. He is away on business. I know
he said where he was going when John and I went to coffee with him on
Saturday but I seem to have forgotten.

Anyway, it was 2am wherever he was last night. He must be on the east
coast. I think it was around 11pm here when we talked. He was just
checking his e-mail. I said goodnight to him so he could go to bed. He said
goodnight to me too. The odd thing was he messaged a second later to say
something like sleep well my friend. So I wrote back something like you too

He usually just says nite and that's it. Maybe he was just wanted to say more
last night. Oh well. I'm sure the road gets lonely and he might have wanted
to let me know he was glad I said hi.

Dammit! I just wrote a bunch but it got erased when I hit my mouse and it
accidently selected it.

Anway, classes are going ok I guess. I'm not enjoying Illustration all that
much. I suck at it. Right now we're painting a famous person. I choose Nick
Carter of The Backsreet Boys because I couldn't think of anyone else to do. I
hope it turns out ok.

We worked on doing the flesh tones last night. I still haven't gotten the hang
of blending them right and making him look real. Guess I'll have to try and
pull something out of my ass tonight.

Graphic Design is going well. I'm enjoying that class. Professor Bach is gone
for the quarter so Chris (the Illustration teacher) is filling for him. She has
done that before for him.

I won't bore you with more right now. Maybe I'll write more later.