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2004-04-13 17:57:43 (UTC)

Shoe Shoppin! :-)!

Heylo! 2day i went 2 the centre with Emma n Leesha! twas a
good day! :-)! we looked around for boots for Emma but her
ankles are 2 skinny n the boots are 2 big around
them..hmm! :-/ but hey! i saw gorgeous little poka dot
shoes but i had 2 b dragged away b4 i got them..anyhoo im
getting them 2 go 2 a weddin on the 28th May! so yay! :-)!
We went 2 mcdonalds n munched then went 2 one of the showe
shops again and messed it all up! lol..with all the shoe
boxes n stuff! :oP! Then we went for coffee! n twas good!
Got hair dye 2 dye ma hair purple..but it'll probs cum oot
red again..:-/! fuckin grr!!

Well dinnners ready! - x adios x -

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