Red Mini Punch

I'm a Lone Ranger
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2004-04-13 12:50:32 (UTC)


Oh ohh, I think I'm falling for Mark (again). I mean he
was in my dream last nite, we were just hugging tho. This
is bad if I do fall for him tho, cause I start to ignore
him. I know it's strange. It's not like he is a free
agent either tho.
So it's a hopeless cause. At Wales I started to fancy
this Irish guy called Chris. He is like 18 or sumit. It
was such ashame cos none of his friends went, so he was
like all depressed and alone. But he is really funny. He
is in love with Mo, and she is goin out wit the same guy
for yr and a half. U can tell he is really hurt and that
it's breaking his heart, so it is ashame. Thats mainly
why he was depressed.
Cya Speak to ya later. x

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