DiNaH says...
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2004-04-13 11:39:08 (UTC)

it's my birthday!!!

beating the deadline -- this is how i'm spending my
birthday. and waiting for the day to end while working
overtime. well, i never expected anything 'coz i didn't
want to be disappointed at the end of the day. although,
iam thankful to those who greeted me.

dennis gave me a box of doughnuts. although, am avoiding
eating sweets nowadays 'coz of what my father used to tell
me. i don't wanna end up like mommy dors, my lolo's sister,
who got diabetis.

the day went ok, in fairness. rafson had a message again.
though it wasn't about my birthday (maybe he forgot
already -- if ever he knew before), it was fine.

well, that's it. i still have four hours and 20 minutes
before the day ends. i just hope when i get hope, i won't
be alone in the house anymore. last night i didn't get
enough sleep, even if i was so tired, because i was
cautious of my surroundings. i was home alone. donnie
resigned from work and went home to cavite, i guess for the
basketball league. johnny -- oh shit! he's irritating me. i
don't know if he already paid our rent or spent the money
again. i can't contact him. his wife said yesterday that he
went to work. and i was alone at the apartment! so, where
was he last night?!