2004-04-13 05:30:34 (UTC)

A little stunned...

Something very unexpected happened today. I was talking
to an ex of mine from about 6pm to 9pm, then hanging out
with her from about 9:30 til about ten minutes ago - it's
2:24am now. Unfortunately, she is having a bit of a rough
time thrown at her right now. I talked to her about it,
which I thought might be hard to do - but I was able to
deal with it pretty well, actually. Well enough that I
agreed to hang out in person with - which I admit, I was a
little affraid it would be too weird to do at first, but
turned out to be a LOT easier than I could have hoped. So
many memories flooding me - it was almost like I was
caught in a state of reflection, but any really strong
feelings, I was able to side step in my mind and keep
pretty into the moment of it all. I dunno. I'm glad to
know it is possible for me to just hang out with her, I
guess. I'm still a little stunned into reflacting even

It was really nice.

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